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Lovena Brown is the founder and CEO of Caribbean Celebrities.Com. She established it with the purpose of giving more exposure to Caribbean content and talent. Lovena spotted a void of Caribbean content on UK television and wanted to ensure that was filled with premium, authentic content which would feature some of our brightest stars and our freshest talent. 


Among the shows that she has brought to the UK screens, has been Christmas Connections 2006. This was filmed on lacation in Jamaica and featured live interviews with everyday people and stars, sending Christmas greetings to family and friends in the U.K.


She has also brought the Caribbean Gateway, which is a feature show on BENTV, UK, Sky Channel 182. The show features News, Entertainment, Interviews etc. from all around the Caribbean and the Diaspora within the UK. Lovena has won rave reviews and awards for her show, which is now preparing for its 3rd season premeire.

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